Venue and Accommodation
Program of Oral presentations
Title of Poster presentations


AM: Registration

PM: Workshop #01

Introduction to Geometric Morphometrics in Archaeology

by Christian Steven Hoggard (Southampton University)

evening: Icebreaker


AM: Workshop #02

Reproducibility and Transparency in Archaeological Science using  R and Related Tools

by Ben Marwick (The University of Washington)


PM: Plenary Session “Recent Progress of Morphometrics in Archaeology and Anthropology”

keynotes and speakers

Typology and morphometrics: How we see and interact with things

by Naoko Matsumoto (Okayama University)

What Shape can tell us about Homo erectus’ Mind

by Cory Marie Stade (Southampton University)

Integration and modularity of the primate pelvic girdle

by Katrien G. Janin (The University of Cambridge)

Inferring the anatomy of the Neanderthal brain using geometric morphometrics

by Naomichi Ogihara (The University of Tokyo)

evening: Conference Dinner *optional


AM and PM: Oral and Poster Presentations


Guide Tour to Tomizawa Site Museum (in Sendai City) *optional