Venue, accommodation and dinner

The venue of MORPH 2019 SENDAI is in Katahira Campus of Tohoku University ( It is close to the Sendai Station, just 1km off and about 15 min by walk.There are a lot of hotels nearby Sendai Station, Chuo Dori st. or Aoba Dori st. Price range is wide from reasonable economy class to executive. However, because of 3 days holiday between 14 and 16, price will be twice or more higher in the night of 15th. If you prefer cheaper choice, you can find dormitory type ‘Guest-house’ nearby the station.We will reserve a several room of University’s guesthouse but it will be available after 19 August. The number of room is limited. If you want to stay in the univ’s guesthouse, please contact with LOC.

The conference dinner will be held at ‘Date-han Nagaya Sakaba’. It is casual ‘Izakaya’-style pub restaurant ( , sorry Japanese only). You can enjoy traditional interior of the pub and local foods especially fresh sea foods with Sake! Don’t miss to join the dinner (ticket is available at the registration site as well).
We’ll share further information about travel to Sendai and more in later.

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