Abstract submission

We are pleased to announce that the abstract submission form (click to open new window) is now open.

We welcome papers which discuss and/or use traditional and geometric morphometric methodologies to investigate aspects of the archaeological and anthropological records, from trial application of innovative and novel methodology to established research paper.

Jump to the form and submit your paper by the end of May!!

URL of the submission form: https://forms.gle/W7vpWPpsEGzBfoty9

Submission notes:
• The official language of the conference is English. We’ll accept English submission only.
• The maximum length of abstract is 400 words.
• Only plain text is available in this form.
• An additional image can be uploaded by login to Google account. If you don’t have Google account, please submit text first then send an additional file by e-mail to LOC (address in below). Only single image (in the format of .jpg or .png) less than 10MB is allowed for each submission.

You are required to register for participation separately from paper submission in later (registration is not open yet).

If you need to change or want to withdraw your paper after submission, please contact the LOC .

All subscribers will be added to the mailing list (if not yet) and receiving update on time.

Submission deadline: 23:59:59 31 May (GMT)

Contact address of LOC: morph2019sendai@gmail.com

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